Austin is the place you want to be.

Fresh air, high tech companies, good food, every thing you could need or want. Austin is the place you want to be.
Austin is expanding rappedly with high tech componys . Some people are calling Austin silicon hills. if you want to be at the senter of the expansion of technology. you want to be in Austin.  people who start compionies in Austin will succeed and expand faster than any where in the country.

Austin is full of fine food if you want to eat in the finest restront in Texas you may find it in Austin. but don’t come expecting a chain because most restreronst are family owned.  Don’t think that just because they are famaliy owned that the arnt good, they are great. Most restronts serve locally grown food so all the food is fresh.

If it is tech or food Austin is the place to be. but if you want to be Austinian you better keep it weird. every thing in Austin is uneak from what you would see any where else. so if you like diffront this is is the place for you.

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