My Experience in Seventh Grade

When I arrived in augest I did not know what to expecti was kinda scared that I would be in classes with mean kids and bad teachers. Forchent ly for me I got good teachers and evry thing worked out. Even thoug my teachers pushed me harde it was fun. But my opinion soon changed.

By October I was borded to tears and the work capt on piling up I started to do bad  in some classes and my life hade turnd for the worst. I had over 3 hours of home work  and not enbugh time  to do it all I verly got any sleep and was falling asleep in class by thanks giving. I was flunking math and needed a long break but chrismas break just seemend to getting fauther and fauther away finaly I had to make a final push in my math to get it out of the sixtys or I was going to move out of eght grade math into the dresded sevnth grade math and I did not wont that to happen.  I finally pulled it up and I could sleep for the, moment.

The next spring I asked the consaler if I coud drop one of my classes for a class that would give me some time to work on school work and home worki so I did not have to spend late nights working on home work.  That worked out really well. In the secont semester I started wnn a tv show that would let me have a braqke wright after math and have some fun. By mach iu was doing beter than ever. Then ihn apiral came the stress of star and the horror which I fast of siting with nothing to do with a test that was known to be hated by everyone for 5+ hours. The stress and sleeplens nights came back. And I was scared I would flunk sevth grade and have to take the killer summer school. Forchently I did pretty well and got over average.

Now with 3+ weeks of school left Ithink back to what I lerned personly over the year. I went through some ahrd times and I lerned to  never give up and keep pushing. I also lerned that you have to rely on your self aswell as other to help you through. It has been a hard year and no small thanks two my teacher that I succeeded. So thanks teacher I could never have done it without you!!!!!

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