My Faverit Random Poem

Boston Bombing

What haunts you after an explosion

Is the eggshell nature of things,

The art forms and the dreams of madness:

The red pools, the Jackson Pollock zigzags

On grey paving slabs;

The houses sliced like cake; paper doorways;

The darkness, shock and night snapped shut

Like a pocket watch whose machinery

May be glimpsed like anemones

Waving –phosphorescent- on the darkened floors

Of barroom confessionals and consulting rooms

Whose bulbs overwinter in silent places:

Basements, lock-up garages, rucksacks and holdalls;

Or sometimes in those man-made wild places

Where no-one goes

Save the homeless and detectives, pathologists,

Under motorway ramps and railway arches.

These and subleased apartments, paid for in cash

Are sometimes states in waiting,

Like Lenin’s in Percy Street

With a policeman hiding in the grandfather clock

Who does not speak Russian;

These are the invisible other cities

Plotting against our kingdoms of the necessary nonsense,

The fables agreed upon

That stop all Romes collapsing beneath the weight

Of Sistine ceilings and marble angels, oil;

The Dr Dee levitation of shared assumptions and paper money

For –in truth-bombs show us everything we need to know:

That everything is just a house of cards

Save our need to eat and who we love.

Michael Brett 2013

poetry form


I love this poem because it makes you feel sad that the world could fall apart at any moment because of the heartlessness of humans and the greed we give to the world and how we fight each other turning the world into cause over and over again.


When I was little

The soldier crawled throw the trechras landscape with his squad. “Shhh,” He said to the imperial guard, “there just over the hill.” They ran the last few meters and “hit the dirt”.

Below them were about 20 republic troopers armed with blasters
“Fire on my mark, 3, 2, 1, mark.” And let loose a stream of blaster fire

Before they new what was six of the troopers fell to blaster fire, the rest of the troopers turned around to return fire…

“McKennon it’s time for bed”

“common mom” I replied, “just let the imperial guard kill the republic troopers”

I was 5 then and i was playing with one my favorite toys, “Lego Imperials and Republic set” i just love moving up the little soldiers and making up random names and voices for them.  

In this insodent I was making the Imperial guard ambush the  republic convoy.  I always made the good guys lose because I felt kinda sad that the bad guys lost all the time.

i decided that the good guys were going to have some luck and made a Jedi come to there aide and push the imperials back.

“Fall back, fall back,”  I said in my best imperial voice, “We need reinforcements.”

Suddenly a Fury class Interceptor flew over head and landed.  Out jumped good old (NO NOT SANTA CLAUSE) Sith Marauder with reinforcements.

i still remember my legos and all the sets i had. I have given away most of my Legos i only kept some of my faverut ones. I loved them and now they are retired for playing, and sit waiting patiently in the drawer for the next time, whenever that may be.