Assassins Creed IV

Just wanted put a quick post about my knew series. Don’t worry KSP will still be going but I will be starting a series about the knew Assassins Creed IV. It just came out to day and I have not yet played it. my first post will be Saturday. There will be not very many pics and no vid because it is raided M for mature and some parent don’t want there kids seeing it.  In these post I am going to tell you whats in it and what I like and don’t like. I will be giving you tips on how to play it. I will be also telling you what should be changed.


A - Assassin's Creed
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KSP: how to build a rocket

Hello to my KSP fans today is Monday. I am sorry I am late but I had to many thing going on yesterday.  Enough with that and on to the good stuff. I have finally reach the place I plan to colonize and I have named the soon to be colony Jebia  in honer of Jebediah that is every KSP players trusty astronaut. I am already in the production of a drop-ship destined Macy Dean to carry troops but in this case colonists. But the colonists need homes so I am also building a lander stile houses for them to live in.

Now for the main part of today post: how to build a rocket for all you noobys that just started the game, so lets start with something small.


Hello KSP players to day is Sunday and over the past week I have been testing rockets and stuff. I have gotten into orbit but it was to easy so I have started work on a massive rover that is gong to build a colony on Kerbin. This rover can hold over twenty kerbens plus food and water. The rover is going to travel over rocky terrain to the tip of the continent that looks like Africa just south of the space center. when they get there their going to plant a flag and call it home.

That is my mission but lets look at what the people at KSP have thought up for the new update.


You might of herd him talking about carrier mode. Let me explain for all you Kerbal players you know that KSP is a sand box game which means you can do what ever you want. The people at KSP are getting a career mode ready so that it is more like NASA, but don’t worry there will still be sand box mode.

That is it for this post I will see you next week for a tutorial on building a rocket.


Kerbal Space Program (KSP) is an amazing game that lets you build your own space program, launch rockets, drive rovers on the moon, and set up mining colones on varies planets.

Kerbal Space Program - a Sat is born!
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I am very happy to share this with you. Over the next few weeks we will be going to different places with you-tubers and following my successes and epic failures that end in massive fireball on my own.