Mount and Blade Warband Page

Hey check out our knew Mount and Blade Warband Fan page there a some cool stuff there it is all about a cool game about bing a medieval king/warlord of a small army and you fight other armies and it is super cool and challenging. (I will be doing a future review in my show supernova reviews). There more mods for this game than almost any other game (except Minecraft). On our fan page I will be showing some vids about the game made by SurrealBeliefs and ReformistTM.

Thanks for reading and watch my show,

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KSP: how to build a rocket

Hello to my KSP fans today is Monday. I am sorry I am late but I had to many thing going on yesterday.  Enough with that and on to the good stuff. I have finally reach the place I plan to colonize and I have named the soon to be colony Jebia  in honer of Jebediah that is every KSP players trusty astronaut. I am already in the production of a drop-ship destined Macy Dean to carry troops but in this case colonists. But the colonists need homes so I am also building a lander stile houses for them to live in.

Now for the main part of today post: how to build a rocket for all you noobys that just started the game, so lets start with something small.