Mount and Blade Warband Page

Hey check out our knew Mount and Blade Warband Fan page there a some cool stuff there it is all about a cool game about bing a medieval king/warlord of a small army and you fight other armies and it is super cool and challenging. (I will be doing a future review in my show supernova reviews). There more mods for this game than almost any other game (except Minecraft). On our fan page I will be showing some vids about the game made by SurrealBeliefs and ReformistTM.

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Hello readers there is a knew

    B show combing to your school it is called WNN or west ridge news network. The show is for students to hear the current news. The first show is tomorrow. “I hope it is more intro sting than the regular anounsments for students.” Says Rhys Williams a camera man and host for WNN. “We need people to Enjoy the anounsments not ignore them.” I vise tide there studios and it is remarkable what they can do with such little technology all thy have is their iPads some microphones and Stands and iMovie app and software. There able to do 4 to 5 shows an report. I saw them working and they are so light harted about it all that it seems more like a game than a than a job. They are even working over time to finish there clips.
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World of Tanks Free to Play Online Game

I completely love the new game I just got for free, it is so good it should not be free I would gladly pay $19.99 for this game it is amazing!!!! The game I am taking about is World of Tanks.  This game is a game that you can download and play in just 30 min. This game is 100% online and you will see multiple people playing the game 24/7. The tanks in the game are all based of of the real design used during ww1 &  ww2 even the way the tank move and take damage is the same as when they were used during ww1 & ww2. I highly recommend this game for everyone.



Type 12      a Lego build of one of my tanks
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: [Soren] via Compfight

Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm

I resonantly played the game Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm which is this fishing game based of the TV show Deadliest Catch. In the game you are the caption of a fishing vessel and a crew of about 5 people. you and your crew go out in to the cold Alaskan sea and fish for crabs. At the end of the season you sell your crabs and compare your turn out with the rest of the fleet. After each season you can upgrade the ship with different stuff that will help you the next season. But don’t worry action lovers there are plenty of dangers like ice burgs, rival ships  and deadly storms that will toss your boat around like a rubber duck in a bath tub. I think if you like more relaxed type of games but like some fast pace dissension making to you will like this game.

Fishing Boats at Black Sea
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: via Compfight