Hacking is Nessesary

In a military brace in the us a man in a start track shirt suddenly jump tuppence and said I got it. Every one in the room ran over to the computer and file after file with hundreds of names papers came on the screen. A officer looking man came in and said ” good job men I think we just stopped a assassination attempt on the president of the us. The men in that room weren’t spies or military personnel they were just some nerds and computer geeks. These men were hackers. Now some people may say hacking is bad but hacking is completely necessary.
Hacking is necessary if you want the us out of debt some economist and crime analysts say that the us could hack enough money from mobs and criminal gangs to get the us out of debt. If we could steal that money the gangs would have no money to finesse mor criminal activity. This will lower crime legal and rase the economy. This could save the us and make us again a bigger super power than china.
Even thought hacking is only on a tiny computer, it can save lives. We can learn about terrorist attacks Before they even happen. We could remotely hack into nuclear mussels in the air and re direct them into safe arias to crash into or even disarm them. Peoples lives could be saved. Or take the criminal gang we could find out the key people take them out and in a few weeks the game collapses like a house of cards. This technology could save lives and lower crime.
lastly hacking can make diplomacy essayer and win wars faster. We can shut enemy technology down ( that. Includes miss alas tanks trucks guns and plans) and make them useless on the battle field so that we can just stroll in and take the capital. It will help diplomacy a lot. With hacking we can find out the wright thing to say and win debates, policies and make alliances quicker. This will make us the lagers super power ever.
Hacking is safer and quicker, operatives don’t have to risk there lives and spend years to find serten info. Even thou hacking can be bad every dark thing has a good side. The good out ways the risks. Hacking is completely necessary.

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