Yellow readers want to see the scrips of my show well here is week 2

Hello I’m your host McKennon Rice and today is all about apps. Not just any apps but three of the winers of three diffident category’s, most useful app, editors pic, and stupidly funny app.

The winer of the most useful app is… MyScript calculator it is very useful for long adgibra sentinses some of u may know what it is and you will agree it is very use full

The people in the studio say that myMBA2k14 it is a game about mangling a basketball ball team with a-bunch of players and then you battle them with other players.

Now for the most stupid but funny app Ever ibuttons
All it is is you punch bunts that say stuffs like this one punch button.

Thank you for watching agin I am McKennon rice
Next week we will be looking at the ranges aprintes series.

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